Nothing Gold Can Stay

A Without a Trace gen novel
written by Deirdre

This story is currently available on-line, but it has been edited for publication.

A case releases memories from Martin's past, memories he had thought long repressed. But now they resurface, threatening his judgment and straining his relationship with his partners. But he's not alone. Danny wants very badly to understand what's haunting Martin, if only he can get the man to talk to him. But as soon as he gets his foot in the door, all hell breaks loose, and neither of them might survive.


The silence was broken by harsh voices. A face with dark hair bent over him and began laughing. There was a slap to his face, and pain exploded on the left side of his head. The man's words didn't all trickle though his foggy netherworld, but a few did.

"...bleedin'... pig... fucked... now... die... shot..."

He tried to talk, but his tongue wouldn't work. He turned his head painfully and wished he hadn't. There was a body in the narrow aisle. It wasn't moving. A man. A man in a dark blue suit.

Didn't Danny have a suit like that?


Danny. Danny's hand, fingers half-curled. Danny's body.

Danny's body?

Then he saw the blood. A lot of blood. It was growing and pooling under his partner.

His partner? That thought nearly stopped the erratic beat of his heart. The legs moved again, blocking his view. More harsh words. Someone was pulling him. His head exploded in a brilliant burst of orange pain. A scream from far away surrounded him, invading his ears. His scream. His voice. His pain. Too many tangled, shattered pieces of a puzzle.

What had happened?

A new face, the old man's face. The man with the gun. Not just any gun. His gun.

His gun? As he was dragged from the spot, he saw more blood.

His blood?

Flashes stabbed at his throbbing brain. The older man's arm, turning with the gun. His own arm, grabbing for it. Two shots... two shots... Danny's body. Danny's blood.

Then he realized and the pain was far worse than his own wound.

Oh, God, what've I done? he screamed silently.

He had shot his own partner. He had killed Danny Taylor.

112 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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