Come and Gone #1

NOTE! The stories in this zine have appeared, or are currently available, on-line unless otherwise noted.

Crumbling (by Alethia) Tag to "Suspect." Martin's a little shaken up by the events leading up to Andy's rescue, but Danny is there. (3)

Closer to Home (by mcat) Post-"Suspect." Danny learns that the events surrounding Spaulding hit a little too close to home for Martin. (8)

Liaising (by Alethia) Missing scene for "Silent Partner." Danny and Martin both know this wasn’t what Jack had in mind when he said Liaising. (6)

Cocaine (by Elina) Danny finds Martin addictive. (3)

Embrace the Future (by Jacki) Danny's relationship with Martin helps him face his past and embrace the future. (4)

The Big Question (by Perpetual Motion) Danny and Martin ask each other "the big question." (3)

Slide Rule (by WhiteLight) Danny's going crazy, and it's all Martin's fault. You see, Martin wore Danny's tie to work today. (2)

The Seduction (by Dani Martin) It looks as if Danny has laid a trap for Martin, but all is not what it seems. (10) Debuting

Knowing What's Yours (by mcat) The team is looking for a missing college student, whose story affects Danny and Martin. (8)

Mal vu mal dit (by Elina) Sam thinks she's had a revelation, but now she has to deal with it. (3)

Riemannian Geometry (by Tarlan) When a college student goes missing, Jack is asked to find her. But he's also asked to keep Martin off the case. Too bad the case comes to him. (14)

A Handful of Dust (by Alethia) A missing scene from "No Mas." Martin realizes that Danny could have been killed and he wasn't there. (6)

A Really Rotten Day (by Anne Higgins) Pre- and post-"Are you Now or Have You Ever Been..." Martin's day goes to hell in a hand-basket, and his relationship with Danny right along with it. (14)

Internal Affairs (by mcat) Post-"Fall Out." Martin has to come to terms with his relationship with Danny in the light of what almost happened when Sam was held hostage. (12)

Mission: Seduction (by Dani Martin) Sequel to "The Seduction." Using his dream as a guide, Martin sets out to seduce Danny, by the numbers! (12) Debuting

Just Series / Keeping Trilogy (by Perpetual Motion & Julian Lee) A series of vignettes as Danny and Martin build a relationship that's for the long term. (8)

Look, Don't Touch (by Tarlan) Jack's thoughts about Martin. (2)

128 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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