Come and Gone #4

NOTE! The stories in this zine have appeared, or are currently available, on-line unless otherwise noted.

Misperceptions (by Estee) Danny/Martin, pre-slash. Danny calls Martin just as he climbs into a cab with Sam. (4)

Misinterrpretations (by Estee) Danny/Martin, pre-slash. Martin follows instructions, but he doesn't see what he wants to. (7)

Misadventures (by Estee) Danny/Martin, pre-slash. While trying to track down a missing dad, Martin and Danny end up lost themselves. (9)

Perfection Lost (by mcat) Danny/Martin. Danny's thoughts post Martin's shooting. (1)

Firsts (by The Tenth Muse 1) Jack/Martin. Martin's shooting does have a silver lining. (8)

Trimming the Tree (by The Tenth Muse 1) Jack/Martin/Danny. The three guys spend their first Christmas together. (4)

Changed (by The Tenth Muse 1) Jack/Martin, pre-slash. A crossover with The X-Files. Martin is changed when he runs into a creature he thoughht only existed in legend, but lucky for him there are three more FBI agents who can help. (18)

Power Games (by Leigh & Paige Aaron) Martin/George Huang. A crossover with Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Their relationship is going nicely, until Martin's father gets wind of it. (27) Debuting

Ghosts of the Past (by Dani Martin) Danny/Martin. The team knows Graham Spaulding is dead, so why are teenaged boys turning up dead? When a third boy disappears, the team rushes to find him before it's too late, and Martin almost pays too high a price. (35) Debuting

144 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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