Come and Gone #6

NOTE! Some of the stories in this zine have appeared, or are currently available, on-line unless otherwise noted.

Let the Games Begin (by Cathy Roberts) Danny & Martin preslash. Danny and Martin begin to build a relationship. (16)

Oblivious (by Cathy Roberts) Danny/Martin. Martin and Danny finally get on the same wavelength. (6)

No More Holding Back (by Cathy Roberts) Danny/Martin, sequel to "Oblivious. " The relationship continues. (4)

You Can't Argue with Satisfaction (by Cathy Roberts) Danny/Martin, sequel to "No More Holding Back." Things are good between Danny and Martin. (11)

Showdown Epilog (by Ashlyn) Danny/Martin. Danny is there for Martin following the shooting. (2)

Someone to Watch Over Me (by Eby) Martin/Sheldon Hawkes, a crossover with CSI: New York. Sheldon is sick, but Martin is there to provide some TLC. (7) Debuting

Some Like it Rough (by Dori Adams) ?/Martin. Martin comes home to more than he expects. (8) Debuting

Sounding Love (by DarkAngel) Jack/Martin. Martin agrees to try something new, and he likes it! (9) Debuting

Love Cubed (by DarkAngel) Jack/Martin. Jack finds a new toy for he and Martin to play with! (5) Debuting

Love Multiplied (by DarkAngel) Jack/Martin/Danny. Jack decides to bring Danny into the mix! (5) Debuting

Two in One (by DarkAngel) Jack/Martin/Danny. Jack decides Martin can handle him and Danny! (8) Debuting

Missing (by Eby) Danny/Martin. This is an AU universe. Danny has been in a happy, stable relationship with Martin for years, but now someone from Martin's past returns, and it threatens to destroy everything the two men hold dear. (48)

140 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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