The Price of Love

A Without a Trace slash collection
written by Paige Aaron, Leigh, and Dani Martin

This is a crossover with Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Please note that these three stories appeared in issues of Come and Gone, but are collected here into a single collection.

Story Summary: When Martin and George meet, sparks fly, but the road their relationship takes is a rather bumpy one, for both men.


Martin sucked in a shocked breath as he got his first good look at his lover. The right side of George's face was bruised and scratched, as was his right arm. A hospital gown covered his torso, hiding the surgery bandages.

George's eyes were closed, but as Martin took another step inside the cubicle the dark eyes opened, blinking several times in an attempt to focus.

"Hey there," Martin whispered, reaching down to lightly grasp George's hand and give it a gentle squeeze.

"Hey." Huang's voice sounded weak and raspy, even to his own ears. He tried clearing his throat, wincing as he did so.

Spotting a cup of ice chips sitting on the portable bedside table, Martin asked, "Are you allowed any of this?"

The injured man nodded, opening his mouth and gratefully accepting the ice chips Martin spooned in. He swallowed, closing his eyes in relief.


"Yeah." George shifted uncomfortably on the bed. "Martin, I"

"Shh, save your strength," the younger man advised. "We'll have time to talk later."

Before G could answer, the nurse returned. Catching Martin's eye she pointed to her watch, indicating it was time to leave. He nodded.

Leaning over, he brushed a light kiss against George's forehead. "Get some rest. I'll be back later, okay?"

It broke his heart to leave, but Martin knew his lover needed to sleep, and probably wouldn't as long as he was there. With a heavy heart, he followed the nurse from the cubicle.

"When can I see him again?" he asked, once they were out of earshot.

She double-checked her watch. "They'll be taking him up to his room within the hour. Unless the doctor puts restrictions on him, which isn't likely, you can come back during evening visiting hours. They start at five."

With a nod, Martin turned and headed for the elevator.

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