Questionable Truth

A Without a Trace slash novel
written by Tarlan

This story is currently available on-line, but it has been edited for publication. It is the prequel to Debatable Answers. It is also a crossover with the motion picture Cherry Falls.

When Brent Marken (Michael Biehn) goes missing in New York, Malone and his team are given the task of finding him. But things are not what they seem, and the Missing Persons Unit soon finds itself embroiled in a murder mystery that refuses to die. And Martin (Eric Close) in particular finds that he's learning things about himself that he never expected.


For the first time in all those long years, Brent felt a stirring of hope within himself, and desire too. For the first time he wondered what it would be like to make love with someone whose slightest touch was enough to set his stomach fluttering and his blood surging through his veins.

But why this man? Why Martin Fitzgerald? What was it about Martin that sang to his blood and his heart? Could it be merely gratitude for the man who had saved his life by convincing Paulie to bring him to the hospital?

And then he recalled that, despite his fever, he had been mesmerized by this man from the first time he had looked into the most beautiful, clear blue eyes that he had ever seen. Those eyes were staring deep into his soul right now, reading him like an open book, but Brent saw no disgust darken them. Instead, he saw desire returned in full measure. Martin leaned over, his soft lips brushing over Brent's tentatively before he pulled back, both of them breathing as hard as if they had raced a marathon rather than shared a first gentle kiss.

"I shouldn't have–"

Brent pressed his fingers against Martin's lips, knowing what he was going to say. They were both lawmen, so they both understood the need to maintain a formal relationship while Brent was part of Martin's work.

"When this is all over..." Brent let the words trail off, knowing Martin would not need to hear the rest spoken aloud, and saw the answering smile. When this was all over, when they were no longer obligated by duty, then they would explore this new facet to their relationship. Until then, they had to concentrate on Jody to ensure her safe return.

The slightest thump came from the corridor beyond, only heard because Martin had left the door ajar, and they both turned at the sound with puzzled expressions.

Martin left Brent's side and cautiously checked along the corridor, expecting to see a nurse retrieving fallen items but instead he noticed the empty chair where the guard had been sitting. It was possible that the officer had slipped away to get a coffee, or go to the men's room, taking advantage of the early morning visit from an FBI agent. But, Martin's sixth sense kicked into high gear, and he turned back to Brent. "I've got a bad feeling about this. Can you walk?"

Brent nodded and pushed back the covers.

184 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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