Vanished #1

NOTE! All of the stories in this zine have appeared, or are currently available, online.

Suddenly (by Brittany Frederick) Set before the pilot, Martin makes his decision to move. (6)

Profiling (by Beth Green) Martin does some self-reflection. (5)

Cornerstone (by Brittany Frederick) Set just after the pilot, Martin's thinking about his life. (3)

6:18 p.m. (by Brittany Frederick) A sequel to "Cornerstone." Martin's still in the doghouse, but a call might help. (3)

Sentinels at the Dying Time (by Brittany Frederick) Post-"Between the Cracks." Martin's having a hard time adjusting. (7)

Betsey (by MMW) It's hell when you're the new guy. Martin gets a case of his own. (2)

Aftermath (by Susie Burton) Post-"Suspect." Martin can't get Jack's performance out of his head, but Malone intends to try. (11)

One of Our Own (by Mady Bay) When Martin goes missing it's up to the rest of the team to get him back alive. (16)

Life Support (by Brittany Frederick) Post-"In Extremis." Martin's dealing with the aftermath of the shooting, but he's not alone. (5)

In Extremis Epilog (by Dierdre) Post-"In Extremis." The team tries to help Martin deal with the shooting. (5)

Concrete Angel (by Heidi L. Lane) The team's newest case of a missing child, a little girl, is haunting Martin, and he's afraid he knows who was responsible for her death. (5)

Honor Thy Father (by Beth Green) A missing scene from "Kam Li." Martin and his father go toe to toe. (2)

Fears of a Father (by MMW) Martin's father thinks back over his relationship with his son, and there are some regrets, too many, really. (5)

Food For Thought (by Beth Green) Danny's hungry, and Martin's willing to share, well, almost. (2)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time (by Mady Bay) A crossover with Magnificent Seven ATF Denver AU. Martin's vacation in Colorado is cut short when he's mistaken for a local ATF agent, Vin Tanner. It's going to take two teams to get him back alive. (29)

Mind on the Mission (by Beth Arritt) During- and post-"Fall Out." Martin's feelings for Sam make it hard for him to keep his mind on the mission. (4)

The In-Service (by Mady Bay) Humor. The team is sent for some additional training they so desperately need. (2)

122 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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