Vanished #2

NOTE! The stories in this zine have appeared, or are currently available, online unless otherwise noted.

Seeking Peace (by MMW) Martin makes a climb to get away from it all. (2)

Are You Now...? (by Beth Green) A missing scene. Martin contemplates the twists his life is taking. (4)

Sharing a Cab (by MMW) A missing scene. Martin and Sam think about what a simple offer might mean. (2)

Shoot, Don't Shoot (by Mady Bay) Sometimes making the decision is harder than you might think. (1)

Standoff (by MMW) Martin is caught in a standoff. (2)

The Kiss (by Jin) Martin is missing, and no one is sure why, although they all have their thoughts and opinions. (36)

Saying Goodbye (by Dani Martin) A tag to "Shadows." Martin attends Bonnie's funeral. (7) Debuting

A Nightmare Eased (by Mady Bay) Warning: mature content. After a brutal assault, Martin turns to Danny for help. (24)

Finding Me (by MMW) A crossover with the Magnificent Seven ATF Denver Little Britches AU. When a child goes missing, Martin makes an uncomfortable discovery. (19)

Last Seen (by Teri Sarick) A crossover with Now and Again (an AU). Six months after Lisa and Heather Wiseman go missing, Jack and his team are asked to find them, which is easier said than done. (42) Debuting

Misgivings, Misapprehensions and Missing Persons (by Beth Green) A crossover with the Magnificent Seven ATF Denver AU. When an ATF agent from Denver goes missing in New York, Jack and his team are called in to find him. Too bad the rest of the guy's friends are determined to help. (34)

186 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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