Vanished #3

NOTE! The stories in this zine have appeared, or are currently available, online.

Retrospect (by Angela Gabriel) Martin recalls some past events when he finds himself facing something similar. (29)

Three Things That Never Happened... (by Beth Green) Martin imagines some interesting possibilities. (9)

Survival (by Beth Green) A missing scene. Martin thinks about his close call (AU for season 3 cliffhanger). (2)

The Trouble with Cliffhangers (by Beth Green) Some speculation on how the fourth season might have started. (4)

Medicating Martin (by Angela Gabriel) Martin is under the influence of cold medicine. (5)

Dark, Darker, Darkness (by Angela Gabriel) Martin's thoughts after he is shot. (3)

Some Up Note (by Angela Gabriel) Danny's thoughts just after Martin was shot. (3)

In Charge (by Angela Gabriel) Jack's thoughts when Martin comes back to work. (3)

Back to Work (by Angela Gabriel) Martin and Viv share a conversation shortly after he returns to work. (3)

A Gesture of Friendship (by Rhiannon) Viv reflects on Martin's first week back at work. (4)

Disability (by Beth Green) Martin's thoughts about his return to work. (2)

Fragile (by Jin) The team adjusts in the aftermath of Martin's shooting. (15)

Consequences (by Mady Bay) Parody. Jack has his reasons for acting like an ass. (3)

The Guardian (by Jin) Danny's thoughts as Martin returns to work. (5)

Consequences (by Mady Bay) What if Martin's shooting pushed Jack over the edge? (6)

Now You See 'em (by Xiola) Martin is dealing with the scars of his shooting. (5)

It Was a Beautiful Day... (by Jin) Danny knows something is wrong, but he can't seem to get through to Martin. (9)

For the Right Reason (by Angela Gabriel) Danny works out why he ought to help Martin face his addiction. (3)

Bad Moon Rising (by Deirdre) Danny and Martin find themselves facing a haunted mansion and cannibals on Halloween. (60)

186 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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