Vanished #4

NOTE! The stories in this zine have appeared, or are currently available, online.

In My Face (by Bri) Martin runs into another federal agent who looks a lot like he does. (12)

Where's Martin? (by Estee) Martin if off for a little fun. (3)

Cupid's Wayward Arrow (by Dierdre) Martin and Danny go undercover as a couple to find out why gay men have been disappearing from various gated communities. (32)

Solace (by Angela Gabriel) Martin's recovering from the shooting, and the havoc it plays on everyone. (72)

Not Alone (by Angela Gabriel) Martin's not going to have to deal with his addiction alone. (6)

Quiet Moments of Reflection (by MMW) Everyone's thoughts as life rolls on. (2)

140 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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