Ashes to Ashes

a War of the Worlds gen zine
Written by Vicki L. Martin and H. Ann Walton

The aliens have developed a new designer drug that addicts its victims after a single dose, and they've lined up a distributor.

When people start dying the authorities send in samples of the drug for analysis. The results trip alarms at the Pentagon and involve the Blackwood Project – the new drug is an alien-blend composition.

The Project travels to Texas to investigate the Aryan Sword, the human group responsible for distributing the drug and discover a disturbing fact: human are disappearing in large numbers and Suzanne is on the hit list.

When Blackwood and Ironhorse go after Suzanne they're captured and Harrison is killed, or so Ironhorse thinks. The colonel and Suzanne escape and end up teaming up with Sergeant Jym C. Rivers, a five foot two ex-Texas Ranger to stop the aliens, but there are trials and tribulations waiting for them.

84 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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