Business Associates #1

Adult Stories

In the Comfort of Friends (by Laura Brush) A first love story for Ironhorse and Suzanne. (6)

A Joyful Noise (by Laura Brush) It's the next day for Ironhorse and Suzanne. Will she feel the same way she did? (3)

With This Ring (by Angelica Cooper-Smith) Ironhorse and Suzanne are getting married, but the colonel is a little nervous. (5)

Flashback (by Kelley Baxter) Ironhorse and Norton are gone and the war of the worlds rages on, but a memory for Suzanne gives her life a whole new meaning. (16)

Threesome Stories

The Moon's Secret (by Ruby) Ironhorse and Harrison have a surprise in mind for Suzanne. (3)

The Lady of the Kingdom (by Debra Hicks) Suzanne is feeling a little left out, but not for long! (11)

Slash Stories

Behold the White Horse (by Debra Hicks) An old enemy is back, and making accusations against Ironhorse the military can't ignore. However, events also open the colonel's eyes to feelings he'd rather ignore. (45)

Embracing the Snake (by Laura Duval Grigsby) A post-"Angel of Death" story that takes "Behold the White Horse" as its starting point. Ironhorse needs to know what Kitara has done to him, but the answers might just destroy his mind. (20)

A Turn of the Wheel (by Laura Duval Grigsby) A four-part series of short stories that reveal Ironhorse and Harrison's developing relationship. (18)

Storm at Sea (by Laura Duval Grigsby) When Harrison and Ironhorse track aliens to a small island off the California coast, it's just another day for the Blackwood Project until the colonel disappears over the side of a cliff with an alien. (19)

Interlude Before Dark (by Debra Hicks) A Harrison and Paul moment. (7)

Child of Dawn (by Robin Hood) An encounter between Ironhorse and Harrison. (2)

Native Secrets (by Laura Duval Grigsby) When Debi reads "Dear Abby" discussing Native American secrets she has a few questions for the colonel, and so does everyone else! (4)

Surprise! (by Ruby) It's Harrison's birthday and Ironhorse knows the perfect gift. Now, if he can just get it delivered without getting himself killed. (7)

Plus poetry by Laura Duval Grigsby and Robin Hood.

192 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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