Business Associates #2

Adult Stories

Object of Her Affection (by Llyr Chaves) A teaser for a longer story to come. Suzanne sets her sights on a particular Lieutenant Colonel and nothing's gonna get in her way. (2)

Protocol (by Laura Duval Grigsby and Gillian Holt) Harrison really wants to get to know Suzanne better, but he's a little shy about it. (5)

Taking the Plunge (by Debra Hicks) Suzanne and Norton discover they have more interests than just work. (7)

Salt and Pepper (by Laura Brush) In the aftermath of "Taking the Plunge" things get a little out of hand. (3)

Slash Stories

What's Mine is Mine (by A.B. Foss) This is just the beginning for Paul and Harrison. (13)

The Letter (by A.J.) A crossover with Tour of Duty. Paul gets some bad news about an old friend, but Harrison's there to listen and provide some much needed comfort. (6)

A First Time for Everything (by M.A. Calhoon) When Harrison discovers his real feelings he's not ready to deal with them. (6)

Sorry, Crystal (by Random) When Harrison gets a second dose of the crystal his true feelings are set free. (6)

Where are We Now? (by Random) A sequel to "Sorry, Crystal." It's the morning after and Harrison's regretting his actions. (6)

Blame it on the Crystal (by Random) A sequel to "Where are we Now?" Of course, even dark clouds have a silver lining. (4)

Wish Upon a Star (by Random) With Paul gone, Harrison sits and remembers. (1)

Deliverance (by C.J. Ueberall) Harrison gets a surprise visit from Paul, only it's not really Paul. (4)

Between Two Soldiers (by Debra Hicks) Harrison and Ironhorse go undercover among a bunch of white supremacists. (39)

Cheek to Cheek (by Duval) Ever try to share a shower at a Motel 6? Well, don't! (5)

Round Two (by Duval and Gillian Holt) Kitara is back and she brought a friend. (38)

Plus poetry by Duval, Salvatore Palumbo, and C.J. Ueberall. Art work by Anja Gruber and I.C. Burnett.

168 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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