Cell Phase Matching #1

Revelation (by Patricia Adrian) A crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Ironhorse ends up on the Enterprise. (27)

Love Thy Neighbor (by Kathy Kipper) The Project thinks Suzanne is dead... (2)

Executive Decision (by Elyse Dickenson) A touch of satire with the Project versus Paramount. (3)

Among the Philistines (by Denise Stoltenberg) A tag for "Among the Philistines." Guilt is the emotion of choice in the aftermath of Kensington's death. (2)

Love Thy Neighbor, Part 2 (by Kathy Kipper) Suzanne contemplates her survival. (2)

Judgement of Solomon (by Denise Stoltenberg) Ironhorse is hurt and life might never be the same for the Project. (35)

Weight of Command (by Tulife M. Ortal) It's inspection time. (2)

Love Thy Neighbor, Part 3 (by Kathy Kipper) Suzanne is seeing Paul in a different light. (1)

Vengeance is Mine: A Missing Scene (by Kathy Kipper) A missing scene from "Vengeance is Mine." The immediate aftermath of the Sara Cole shooting. (2)

Tower of Babel (by Patricia Adrian) The Blackwood Project ends up at a SF convention. (5)

Love Thy Neighbor, Part 4 (by Kathy Kipper) Suzanne and Paul return to the Cottage. (1)

The Tomb of Lazarus (by Denise Stoltenberg) Lieutenants, aliens, Grace Lonetree, life is complicated for Ironhorse. (40)

The Pilgrimage (by Kathy Kipper) Ironhorse at the Wall. (2)

Deliver Us From Evil (by Kathy Kipper) Ironhorse helps some kids. (4)

To Do Unto Others: The Eagle's Revenge (by Kathy Kipper) The aliens have a new weapon. (1)

Quatrefoil (by the staff of TPS press) The Blackwood project attend a Renaissance Faire. (12)

Plus poetry by Chris Edmunds and Lana G. Merkel. Cartoons by Collene Winter. Art work by Barb Johnson, Lana G. Merkel, and Sheila Paulson.

144 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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