Cell Phase Matching #2

Failure (by Alice C. Aldridge) A tag for "Among the Philistines." Dealing with death. (8)

Home Truths (by Lana G. Merkel) Ironhorse wants to be accepted. (4)

Son of "The Second Seal" (by Kathy Kipper) The Project is trying to set Paul up with Norah Coleman. (5)

Here Be Dragons (by Gena Fisher) Ironhorse has a vision. (8)

David and Goliath (by Connie Olberding) Ironhorse and Coleman encounter some rednecks. (2)

My Soul to Take (by Kathy Kipper) Harrison takes a trip to the Wall. (11)

Sow Not in Anger (by Patricia Adrian) The aliens target Sylvia. (24)

Hi Guys (by Chris Edmunds) Ironhorse's letter to the men on the Wall. (1)

The Blackwood Project Goes Camping (by Tulife M. Ortal) A fill-in-the-blank story. (2)

A Time to . . . Love (by Kathy Kipper) A series of scenes with peeks into Ironhorse's heart. (4)

Revelations (by Marla Groves) Ironhorse and Harrison are trapped by an explosion and learn a few things about each other. (31)

Dear Diary (by A. Nony Mouse) A peek into Suzanne's diary. (2)

The Corner Stone (by Sharon E. Raugh) The aliens are after a cache of their crystals. (21)

Fan's Revenge (by Kathy Kipper) A series of dreams that make more sense than the second season. (2)

Plus poetry from Patricia D'Orazio and Lana G. Merkel. Cartoons by Colleen Winter. Art work by Lee and JJ MacFaddenn, Jim Markle, and Lana G. Merkel.

134 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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