Green Floating Weirdness #12

A special hurt/comfort issue.

Selective Amnesia (missing scenes)

A Crack in the Wall (by Laura Brush) A tag for "The Second Seal." Suzanne looks in on Paul following their adventures at Kirby Hall. (5)

Our Lady Doc (by Angelica Cooper-Smith) A tag for "The Good Samaritan." Paul's doing a little self-searching after he and the Project stop Marcus Madison Mason. (5)

Red, Red Rose (by Llyr Chaves) A missing scene and tag for "Vengeance is Mine" and a crossover with Shades of LA. Sara Cole has some unfinished business and Michael Burton is just the man to help. The only question is, can he find Paul Ironhorse before Martin Cole. (7)

Doppleganger (by Laura Grigsby) A tag for "So Shall Ye Reap." In the aftermath of the alien experiment in Chicago, the Project members all have to face some ghosts when one of the men who dies is a dead-ringer for Norton. (5)

Mass Hysteria (stories)

A Grateful Nation (by Cheryl Benson) A study in loyalty with a focus on Mr. Kensington and his sacrifice. (4)

Magic - Lost and Found (by Laura Cathcart) A freak accident leaves three Omegans dead and Ironhorse facing the fact that he's lost the magic, then Harrison gets hurt. (7)

Covenant With Death (by Cath Knowles and Gillian Holt) An adult tale of horror and survival. Ironhorse and Blackwood venture into an old mine system that the aliens now control. What neither the aliens nor the Project members know is that another creature inhabits the dark as well. (24)

A Bad Day at Government Property #348 (by Elyse Dickenson) Holy split personality, Batman! A most unusual h/c story – mix liberally: an alien experiment, bizarre Army bio-warfare agents, The Simpsons, and Harrison Bartwood, uh, Blackwood...(34)

Children of the Night (by name withheld at author's request) A sinus infection can get more complicated than you might expect, especially when you have three mother hens trying to take care of you. (19)

Saving Grace (by Linda Watson) Grace Lonetree is a hostage of the aliens and they're trying to force Joseph to hand over his shaman's staff. Ironhorse is determined to get her back alive and well, but then there's the Darrow-factor. (28)

Babes in the Woods (by Sara Falcioni) While on a mission the colonel is shot, Norton is un-wheeled, and Harrison has to save the day, with a little help from a Cherokee pixie. (13)

Forsaken (by Gillian Holt) When an alien almost takes over the colonel he's thrown into a mental world of Cherokee monsters and animal helpers who bear a striking similarity to the Blackwood Project members. (13)

Slouching Towards Bethlehem (by Tammy L. Croft) Ironhorse, Omega, and Delta Force prepare for the final battle with the aliens. But is it really the end of the war? (13)

Plus poetry by Cheryl Benson, Tammy L. Croft, and Lana G. Merkel.

Art work by Constance Edwards, Anja Gruber, and Mary Wheeler. Cover by Anja Gruber.

192 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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