Green Floating Weirdness #13

Selective Amnesia (missing scenes)

A Not So Common Thief (by Laura Brush) A missing scene from "The Resurrection." Harrison left the colonel holding the bag at Kellogue Air Force Base, and Ironhorse is miffed. (3)

Lamentations (by Llyr Chaves) A missing scene from "A Multitude of Idols." It's Debi's twelfth birthday and she's not a happy camper. When no one can cheer her up, it's up to the colonel to come to the rescue. (6)

Scout (by Laura Brush) A missing scene from "Thy Kingdom Come." Filling in the blanks on the drive to Portland. (2)

I'll Take Full Responsibility (by Laura Grigsby) A missing scene and tag to "Thy Kingdom Come." The base is blown up, there are dead soldiers floating in the lake, then the Canadians show up. Someone's got a lot of explaining to do! (5)

Unexpected Consequences (by Laura Grigsby) A tag to "Eye for an Eye." Norton used the colonel's name to get Presidential priority action, now the general's at the Cottage, asking why. (4)

Drollies (by Llyr Chaves) A tag for "Eye for an Eye." Debi's doing research and Suzanne wants to know why. (4)

War Path (by Laura Cathcart) A missing scene from "To Heal the Leper." Norton finally managed to crack the codes and get into the colonel's files, but he's not happy about what he finds. (5)

Set Up, Part 7 (by Teresa Hart and Donna Foster) A tag for "Dust to Dust." Harrison's got romance on the brain and a plan. (2)

Nothing to Do With It (by Angelica Cooper-Smith) A missing scene from "The Prodigal Son." Harrison might be off to New York, but Norton's well on his way to the nuthouse. (3)

An Honor and a Privilege (by Laura Cathcart) A tag for "Rising of Lazarus." The general decides that some things are just better said in person. (3)

Yak Attack (by Angelica Cooper-Smith) A tag for "So Shall Ye Reap." The Omegans are on their way home from Chicago when they run into a slight detour, but what will the colonel say? (7)

Mass Hysteria (stories)

A Matter of Honor (by Gillian Holt) A West Point story. Paul's been appointed to the Honor Committee just in time to discover that a roommate and friend is cheating. (10)

Window of Lost Time (by Cheryl Benson) A crossover with China Beach. Come explore the background of an original character in the WOW universe. (12)

Indian Country (by Sioned Dannan and Gillian Holt) A crossover with Riptide (a Vietnam story). Ironhorse and his SF unit are given a suicide mission, then things get complicated. (8)

Set Up, Part 8 (by Teresa Hart and Karen Rowland) Some things and some parties just have to be seen to be believed. (3)

It's the Great Pumpkin, Colonel Ironhorse (by Jerkey Treat) Someone should shoot this author. It's Halloween and you know what that means. (4)

The Flower That Shattered the Stone (by Gillian Holt) A re-printed story. Ironhorse's nephew drops in for a visit, which delights the Project until the aliens decide to surface. (39)

The Continuing Adventures of Coffee Man! (by Gillian Holt) Norton Drake is at it again, saving the world with a little help from his friends -- no, not Paul, Harrison and Suzanne, it's Java Girl and her dog, Joe. (4)

Unexpected Complications (by Laura Grigsby) Harrison is in for a shock. A half-brother he never met, and the man's recently orphaned son. (16)

And It Came To Pass (by Tammy L. Croft) A resurrection story! (20)

Never Again (by M.A. Calhoon) Another resurrection story, with a poignant twist. (5)

Plus poetry by Laura Brush. Art work by Fliss Davies, Anja Gruber, Jan Harley, and Priscilla Tweed. Cover by Fliss Davies.

186 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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