Green Floating Weirdness #15

A special crossover issue!

Selective Amnesia (missing scenes)

Had I But Known (by Laura Brush) A missing scene from "The Resurrection." Harrison and Suzanne have a talk. (3)

Selective Amnesia (by Laura Cathcart) A missing scene from "The Walls of Jericho." Ironhorse plays scapegoat. (5)

A Drop of Immortality (by Llyr Chaves) A missing scene from "To Heal the Leper." Ironhorse and Suzanne go looking for Harrison. (6)

A Colonel's Nightmare (by Angelica Cooper-Smith) A tag for "Goliath is My Name." The Project members are back from Ohio, but Ironhorse is having nightmares. (3)

Elija Starr (by Laura Grigsby) A tag for "Dust to Dust" and a sequel to "Steps Like Quiet Thunder" (in GFW #14). Ironhorse returns to the Westeskiwin reservation at Lonetree's request. (5)

Mass Hysteria (stories)

Long Shot (by Sioned Dannan) A crossover with Lethal Weapon. A Vietnam era story. Paul's been asked to help on a special mission. (5)

Mojo Latte (by Cheryl Benson) Norton and Debi get better acquainted. (3)

Saying Goodbye (by Llyr Chaves and Gillian Holt) A crossover with Shades of LA. Karen McKinney is back to settle her unfinished business. (10)

Care to Share, Part 1 (by Cheryl Benson) A crossover with Highlander. Norton and Harrison in roles you might not expect. (3)

By Any Other Name (by Laura Brush and Laura Grigsby) A crossover with Starman. Debi's away at camp and having a good time with Scott Forrester. (14)

Care to Share, Part 2 (by Cheryl Benson) A crossover with Highlander. Harrison's had a hunch about Ironhorse for a long time and it's proven right. (4)

Here Be Demons (by Tammy L. Croft) A crossover with The X-Files and The Man From UNCLE. The Blackwood Project run into Illya and Napoleon and a couple of F.B.I. agents while following up on a lead concerning more information on the aliens. Then one of the F.B.I. agents trails the Project members back to a safehouse. (34) Part one of a three part story.

The Shopping Trip (by Jody Norman) Only Harrison Blackwood can find aliens at a psychic fair. (6)

It Ain't Easy, Being Dead (by Jerkey Treat) A crossover with Street Justice and Predator. A tongue in cheek romp with aliens and ghosts. (17) Script format.

On the Brink (by Sandra Fiore) Guest appearance by the Riptide detectives. Debi's growing up and is looking forward to spending some time with her father; that is, until he takes her to Mexico and right into the middle of an alien plot. (54)

Plus poetry by Melissa Mastoris. Color cover by Fliss Davies.

196 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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