Green Floating Weirdness #16

Selective Amnesia (missing scenes)

Stars, Hide Your Fires! and Mere Words are Not Enough (by Nicola Best) A tag to "The Second Seal" and a sequel to that tag. Harrison and Ironhorse must both come to terms with the events that took place at Ft. Streeter. (13)

A Walk Around the Pond (by Gillian Holt) A tag to "The Meek Shall Inherit." In the aftermath of the alien activity in Portland, Sylvia makes a trip to the Cottage and finds a sympathetic ear. (6)

Taps (by Gillian Holt) Another tag to "The Meek Shall Inherit." Ironhorse is pushing the Omegans, but a wise old sergeant knows what to do. (7)

Mass Hysteria (stories)

Checkmate (by Cheryl Benson) Settling into the Cottage isn't so easy for the youngest resident, but there are plenty of folks who are willing to help. (5)

A Mall Confusion (by Gillian Holt) The Blackwood Project is on a mission – shopping at the mall. Colonel Ironhorse might not survive. (6)

Harvest (by Sara Falcioni) Debi learns a little more about the Colonel and so does Suzanne. (11)

Vision Quest (by Gillian Holt) A homework assignment has Debi looking to the Colonel for some help. She gets more than she bargained for, too. (7)

Half Breed and Strangers in the Night (by Bethany Daystar) A young woman is in for a rude awakening when she learns the truth about her past. (13)

The Cat That Saved Harrison (by Londa Pfeffer) When Harrison is almost taken over by an alien, it's Ironhorse to the rescue. Too bad he's too late, but good thing there was a spunky feline there to help. (6)

Care to Share, Part 3 (by Cheryl Benson) A crossover with Highlander. In the continuing saga, the Watchers send someone to keep an eye on new Immortal Paul Ironhorse. Too bad he's Air Force. (3)

The Fourth Horseman Affair (by Tammy Croft) Part 2 of the "Here Be Dragons" saga. A crossover with The X-Files and The Man From UNCLE. Scully reaches her partner, but he's not doing well and the aliens are closing in. It's time for the Blackwood Project to take a proactive role, with a little help from Napoleon and Illya, and Scully. (30) Part two of a three part saga.

A Place Before Mine Enemies (by Gillian Holt) Part 1 - The Second and Part 2 - The Judas Decision. A resurrection saga. Ironhorse and Norton are alive and quickly back into the fight against the aliens. The problem is, the aliens are after Harrison Blackwood and a still recovering Ironhorse is caught in the crossfire – and if the alien weapon doesn't kill him, Blackwood might. (44) More to follow in future issues.

Plus poetry by Leyla Harding. Art work by Fliss Davies and Anja Gruber. Color cover by Fliss Davies.

170 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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