Green Floating Weirdness #18

Mass Hysteria (stories)

Getting to Know You (by Gillian Holt) Harrison learns a little about Paul, and how seriously he takes security at the Cottage. (6)

Barbecue (by Wesa) Suzanne finds one thing they can all agree on – they need a little time off. (4)

Fear (by Claudia Aranda) The Colonel has one mission that scares him to death! (2)

Cold (by Sheila Painter) Harrison and Paul are almost captured by aliens, then things turn deadly when they're caught in a snowstorm. They need help and they need it quick, luckily, someone was listening. (26)

All Hallows Eve (by Gillian Holt) The aliens are at Sea World, and the Blackwood Project is sure to follow, but there's one catch - it's Halloween weekend and they can't get in without costumes. (12)

Sweet Revenge (by Marq) A Bret McAdams story. Paul and Bret are set up, so they decide that revenge is the best medicine. (10)

The Gift (by Marq) A Bret McAdams story. Bret gives Paul a very special gift, and he has his own way of saying thank you. (6)

Kiss of Confusion: A Spell Casting (by Marq) A Bret McAdams story. Harrison tells Paul about a spell, and the Colonel then uses it on Bret, not really thinking it would work – it does! (12)

Constrained By The Wonder (by Gillian Holt) A "resurrection" story. The aliens capture the Colonel in order to try out a new experiment - cloning. The Project members get him back, but they're not sure they can save his life. Still, they have to try, no matter how strange the treatment gets... (46)

Ghosts of the Past, Part 1 (by Kay De'Vil) When the Project gets a new linguistics expert, Paul must face some powerful ghosts from his past. And in order to do so, he takes leave of absence. Too bad someone is looking for him... and they find him. (35)

Cover by Fliss Davies. Internal art by Anja Gruber.

170 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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