Green Floating Weirdness #19

Mass Hysteria (stories)

Where the River Meets the Sea (by Gillian Holt) Harrison knows that the Colonel needs some time alone, so he arranges for the man to take a short vacation. But there was no way to know that Ironhorse would run into men who would try to kill him. A race to reach Paul before it's too late turns into a history lesson for the Blackwood Project, and a very special holiday for all of them. (43) Originally published in Compadres #1.

El Conquistador (by Gillian Holt) When athletes competing in triathalons begin to disappear during the events, the Blackwood Project members suspect that the aliens might be involved. In order to discover what their enemies are up to now, Ironhorse becomes the bait in a deadly game of survival. (29) Originally published in Compadres #11.

Close Quarters Drill (by Gillian Holt) Aliens have infiltrated a top secret government research facility that conducts experiments on biological and chemical agents. Ironhorse and his Special Forces soldiers are called in to destroy the aliens and protect the lives of the hostages they are using as human shields. It's a deadly assignment with tragic results. (41) Originally published in Compadres #9.

Cherokee Healing Lake (by Gillian Holt) When Harrison is almost killed while on a mission fighting the aliens, Ironhorse knows that there is only way to save the man's life, but it will take all of his strength, courage and faith to pull it off. Miracles do happen, from time to time, and if anyone deserved one it was Harrison and Paul. (19) Originally published in Compadres #10.

The Ghosts of the Past, Part 2 (by Kay De'Vil) Picking up from the end of the story that began in issue #18, Ironhorse finally escapes his prison only to be recaptured. Meanwhile, the Project members rush to find him before it's too late. (42)

Cover by Fliss Davies.

186 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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