Green Floating Weirdness #20

Mass Hysteria (stories)

A Yule in Four Parts (by Gillian Holt) The first Christmas at the Cottage finds everyone off to see family or friends, everyone except Ironhorse, that is. (8) Originally published in The Yule Tide #3

Power of the Word (by Gillian Holt) Harrison notices that the Colonel seems to have developed an interesting new skill. (8) Originally published in Black Ops #4.

Moment of Truth (by Gillian Holt) Harrison had a promise to the colonel, and now he has to keep it. With luck, both Harrison and Paul will survive. (26) Originally published in Compadres #13

Surprise Party (by Marq) Birthdays can be hell, or something worse, as Paul is about to discover. (8)

Primary Access (by Jenna) Paul and Harrison help rescue a friend of Norton's from the Corps. She's got a secret, but she's willing to share it. (14)

Forced Recreation (by Gillian Holt) Harrison decides that the Project members need to have a little fun. (8) Originally published in Black Ops #5

Soul Quest: River of the Soul (by Kay De'Vil) Paul and Suzanne end up in a fight for survival when they become separated from the rest of the project members. (24)

Traffic School (by Gillian Holt) Harrison and Paul end up having to go to traffic school. (5) Originally published in Black Ops #5

Day of Reckoning (by Gillian Holt) Paul is missing, and the team rushes to find him. But Quinn has his reasons for taking the colonel, and he's not willing to give him up unless Harrison helps him take over the world. (32) Originally published in Black Magic #2

The Gifts (by Gillian Holt) Paul is drawn back to his home town by forces he doesn't completely understand. (7) Originally published in Compadres #12

Death Wish (by Gillian Holt) Ever try to teach a teenager how to drive? (8)

Battle Scars (by Kay De'Vil) Stravakos sets the record straight about Colonel Ironhorse. (13)

Scars of Life (by Marq) Paul and Bret McAdams end up in an oddly familiar cabin and learn some secrets about each other. (23)

Cover by Fliss Davies.

198 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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