Green Floating Weirdness #21

Selective Amnesia (missing scenes)

The Face of Death (by Gillian Holt) A missing scene from "Among the Philistines." When Paul tells Mrs. Pennyworth to take Debi to the coach house, the girl and the housekeeper both get a shock. (4)

Thoughts on the Beach (by Gillian Holt) A tag from "Among the Philistines." Paul and Debi take a ride along the beach so he can tell her about the aliens. (5)

Mass Hysteria (stories)

Show Me a Hero (by Kay De'Vil) Paul and Derriman have to keep a promise, to see some old friends home at last. (7)

Chariots of Fire (by Gillian Holt) A crossover with MacGyver. A discovery in Peru takes the team south, but all is not what it seems and confusion over identities might just get Ironhorse killed, unless his doppelganger can help. (18) Originally published in Obsessions.

Creature Comforts (by Kay De'Vil) The arrival of a kitten leads to some interesting revelations among the Project members. (10)

The Unsaid: One of Those Days (by J.P. Cads) Sometimes it's best to just leave the ladies alone. (5) Originally published in Not In Your Wildest Dreams.

Better Left Unsaid: Boys' Night Out (by J.P.Cads) The Omegans are men, after all, and they occasionally need to let off some steam, in a very masculine kind of way. (6) Originally published in Not in Your Wildest Dreams.

Fear Itself (by Marq) Paul is happy to know that Bret McAdams is human after all when he discovers some of her hidden fears and weaknesses. (12)

Wipeout! (by Gillian Holt) While on a mission it appears that the Colonel is lost, but Harrison refuses to believe his friend is dead. (16) Originally published in Black Ops #3.

Care to Share, Part 4 (by Cheryl Benson) Norton and Methos chat. (4)

Sweet 16 (by Gillian Holt) The Project members have some surprises in store for Debi on her 16th birthday. (10)

Won't You Come Home? (by Gillian Holt) A crossover with Dirty Dozen: The Series. While Paul and Harrison hop through history, they drop in on a WWII commando unit, who just happens to be cursed. (13) Originally published in Compadres #7.

Soul Quest: Journey of Discovery (by Kay De'Vil) Part 2 of the "Soul Quest" trilogy. Paul is still in the hospital, recovering slowly, but surely. But all is not well. Stravakos is blaming himself for the Colonel's paralysis, and Liana has heard about Paul's condition. (35)

The Sound of Falling Glass (by Gillian Holt) Guest appearance by Equalizer. A sequel to "Day of Reckoning" in GFW #20. Unable to get Harrison to do what he asked while he held Paul prisoner, Quinn is out for revenge, and what better revenge could there be than to force Blackwood to kill the Colonel? (28) Originally published in Black Ops #1.

Cover by Lana G. Merkel.

184 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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