Green Floating Weirdness #3

Selective Amnesia (missing scenes)

In Remembrance (by Debra Hicks) A missing scene from "The Prodigal Son." Ironhorse takes Harrison to the Wall, but a comment sets him on an unexpected path to help his friend. (4)

Some Mornings It Just Doesn't Pay (by Gillian Holt) A missing scene from "Choirs of Angels." Harrison wants to tell Ironhorse thank you, but he's not sure how. (6)

Just Another Interview (by Gillian Holt) A missing scene from "He Feedeth Among the Lilies." Suzanne thinks they've met their match, but Ironhorse has plans of his own. (6)

Today's Specials (by Sheila DC) A prequel to "Angel of Death." Blackwood's having funny dreams. (2)

Open Your Eyes, Harrison (by Gena Fisher) "The Second Wave." A internal monologue from Ironhorse to Harrison as he prepares to die. (3)

Mass Hysteria (stories )

Apostles of Pestilence (by Linda Watson) The aliens have a major blow in mind, and a biker gang and Ironhorse get caught in the middle. (39)

Who's Got the Colonel? (by Gillian Holt) Blackwood has a plan for Christmas and no one at the Cottage is safe. (7)

Over the Hills and Far Away (by Donna Broster and Sheila DC) A crossover with Fantastic Journey. Kitara's been busier than anyone expected, and now the colonel's stuck with a Blackwood look-alike and no apparent way home. (10)

Ruby Tuesday (by Cheshire de la Croix) Blackwood and guns, will they ever mix? (4)

Edge of Forever (by Linda Watson) In the middle of a battle with the aliens Blackwood and Ironhorse both find themselves locked in a hand to hand fight for their lives, but the colonel's takes an unexpected tumble. (19)

The Second Death (by Cheshire de la Croix) In a rewrite of "The Fifth Seal" (GFW #2) the tables are turned and it is Ironhorse who is taken over by the aliens. (11)

Fire in the Heavens (by Cheryl Benson) Ironhorse has a plan to take the fight to the aliens. First in the "Pieces of the Puzzle" story starters. (5)

Red Power at the Point (by Gillian Holt) Captain Langstrom wants Ironhorse booted out of West Point and this time he has help. (8)

The Flight Home (by Brenda Anders) The war is over, the aliens defeated, but there are still human wars to be fought and survived. (7)

Aftershocks (by Alice Aldridge) The seventh story in an arc published in other zines. In an alternative second season world the reunited Blackwood project must deal with the spirit of a very unhappy John Kincaid. (45)

Plus poetry by Laura Brush, Tammy Croft, Gillian Holt, and Sheila DC.

202 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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