Green Floating Weirdness #4

Selective Amnesia (missing scenes)

As I Gaze Unto the Heavens (by Cheryl Benson) A tag to "The Second Seal." Ironhorse attends General Masters' memorial and does a little soul searching. (2)

Did You See What I Just Saw? (by Laura Brush) A missing scene from "The Good Samaritan." Ironhorse is still on a roll... (2)

Odds Against You? (by Angelica Cooper-Smith) A missing scene and tag for "The Prodigal Son." A crossover with Equalizer. McCall's been tipped about the aliens and he witnesses Ironhorse's confrontation with Blackwood in the subway. A psychic's dreams then carry them all toward a deadly confrontation with the invaders. (20)

After Death (by Laura Brush) A tag to "Angel of Death." The team members can't quell the uncertain feelings they have about Kitara. (3)

Interlude: To Serve Man (by Anonymous) A tag to "Angel of Death." The team members discuss their survival and what to do when Kitara comes back. (3)

Mass Hysteria (stories)

General Observations (by Brenda Anders) General Wilson arrives at the Cottage for a snap inspection. What he finds isn't what he expected. (10)

Listening to Frogs (by Gillian Holt) One of Blackwood's practical jokes backfired and everyone is upset with him. It's Ironhorse to the rescue. (12)

Falling Leaves (by Linda Watson) Debi's fieldtrip to the Forrester cabin turns into a lesson in survival. (29)

Remembrance of Things Past (by Tammy L. Croft) Suzanne's memories reveal a surprising truth about Debi. (3)

Reluctant Savior (by Gillian Holt) Debi's got a problem and she does the best she can. It's not her fault that she had to compromise security in the process. (3)

Siege (by Brenda Anders) Ironhorse is stuck at the Cottage with a severe cold – and Debi as his nurse – while the rest of the Project members attend a conference. If that wasn't bad enough, the aliens decide to drop in for a visit. (30)

According to This Sign (by Debra Hicks) Ever wonder what happened the first time Suzanne put her "Stay Away" sign up? Well, now you know. (2)

Adventures in the Twilight Zone (by Anonymous) Disappearing islands lure Ironhorse and Blackwood into the Bermuda Triangle where they encounter some new comrades in their fight against the Mortaxans. (37)

Priorities (by Linda Watson) Some missions are just too important to leave to someone else. (2)

Time of Trouble is Like a Broken Tooth (by Cheryl Benson) Norton's trip to the dentist gets a little more complicated than they expected. (2)

The Sentinel (by Susan Asselin) A crossover with Predator. The Predators are back and they're rounding up thousands of humans for a trip to a cosmic game preserve. Ironhorse and the Omega Squad move in to stop them, but run into an unexpected snag. (18)

Edge of the Century (by Denise Stoltenberg) The war is over and life is returning to normal; at least it was until an unexpected visitor arrives at Ironhorse and Norton's memorial service. (14)

The Three (by Susan Asselin) A story fragment. Ironhorse is injured and dying. Will Derriman and Blackwood reach him in time? (6)

Plus poetry by Lana G. Merkel. A word search by Constance Edwards.

224 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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