Green Floating Weirdness #7

Selective Amnesia (missing scenes)

A Gathering of Wolves (by Cath Knowles) A tag for "The Meek Shall Inherit." Ironhorse and the Omegans sit down to talk about what happened at the Portland truck yards. (3)

A Helluva Lot (by Laura Brush and Gillian Holt) A tag for "The Meek Shall Inherit." A second version of the discussion concerning the Portland truck yards. (5)

An Immaculate Mis-conception (by Cath Knowles) A story fragment and a tag for "Dust to Dust." The dust might have settled at the reservation, but Ironhorse is peeved. (3)

Mass Hysteria (stories)

Foundations (by Theresa Evans) You know what might unite men like Ironhorse and Blackwood? (2)

Knoweth That the Children are Tender (by Cheryl Benson) When the aliens use a school as their personal laboratory, it's up to Norton to save the day. (4)

Responsibilities (by Theresa Evans) Harrison's in one of his moods, but Ironhorse plans on breaking through, one way or another. (5)

The Journey Home (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) It's a long drive and Ironhorse thought Suzanne and Debi were sleeping. (3)

Transfiguration (by Theresa Evans) Ironhorse and Blackwood are stranded in the desert after a near miss with the aliens. (18)

Crossing the Rubic-con (by Cath Knowles) Ever wonder where the rubic's cube came from? (2)

Hunter's Moon (by Theresa Evans) A crossover with Werewolf. Ironhorse, Blackwood and Suzanne have been captured, but they get help from an unexpected source, a legend. (8)

Secret Admirer (by Laura Brush and Gillian Holt) Debi's got a crush, and the poor Omegan might never be the same. (9)

Family Secrets (by Laura Grigsby and Gillian Holt) Debi and Norah Coleman have an encounter in the barn. (5)

Set Up, Part I (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) Blackwood's usually the one playing practical jokes, but this time the tables are turned. (5)

Sneak Attack (by Gillian Holt) Debi's getting ready for a school dance, and Suzanne discovers her daughter is growing up... and so does the colonel. (5)

Bereaved (by Theresa Evans) A good friend is dead and Ironhorse is hurting, but Harrison won't let him face it alone. (8)

Uncle Teddy (by Laura Grigsby and Gillian Holt) Another encounter in the barn, this time between Debi and Derriman. (3)

Set Up, Part 2 (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) Blackwood's out to get even and it'll take Stavrakos to pull it off. (4)

A Colonel in 3/4 Time (by Gillian Holt) When Debi sets her mind to it, even the colonel isn't safe, but she knew he'd make an impression at her school dance. (9)

Cash Problems (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) Suzanne and Ironhorse aren't talking and General Wilson is talking court martial. (10)

Set Up, Part 3 (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) Blackwood's at it again and this time Suzanne's the target. (2)

A Swiss Army Knife, Chewing Gum and Me (by Angelica Cooper-Smith and Gillian Holt) A crossover with MacGyver. Ironhorse takes some time up at the cabin to deal with Sara Cole's death and runs into aliens and a remarkably resourceful friend. (24)

When the Hurlyburly's Done (by Susan Asselin) The battle was one of the worst they'd faced and when Ironhorse turns up missing it really gets bad. (16)

Blood Brothers (by Theresa Evans) Ironhorse's mother passes away and the trip home is a walk down memory lane, only this path is mined and booby-trapped. (36)

Wishful Thinking (by Brenda Anders and Gillian Holt) You know the old adage: "Be careful what you wish for?" Well, Ironhorse must have forgotten. (34)

Plus poetry by Tammy L. Croft. Art work by Constance Edwards, Anja Gruber, and Lana G. Merkel.

246 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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