Green Floating Weirdness #8

A special all-humor issue: Off the Beeton Track.

A Window to his Soul (by Laura Brush) Harrison's first practical joke on Paul has an unusual outcome. (2)

Coffee Man! (by Gillian Holt) Norton's having dreams. (2)

Kitchen Banshee (by Laura Brush) Harrison's just trying to be helpful, but Suzanne isn't amused. (2)

Wild Thing (by Laura Grigsby) Paul's a little tired after the events in Jericho, but he didn't realize how tired. (2)

Little Lady (by Laura Brush) Harrison tries to get Norton. (2)

Doormat (by Laura Brush) The team's back from Grover's Mill and celebrating a late Halloween for Debi. (3)

Check, Please! (by Gillian Holt) Paul knows Harrison is skirting a post-Billy Carlos depression so he lightens the mood. (2)

Time Tricks (by Cheryl Benson) Harrison gives Paul a post-hypnotic suggestion that backfires. (2)

Damn It, Blackwood (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) Ironhorse is hurt and Blackwood isn't helping. (2)

M(i)ntal Anguish (by Alice Aldridge) Harrison's lost something that's very important to him. (12)

Novice (by L.A. Spirit) Harrison and Paul are practicing. (2)

Bananas (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) It's playtime at the Cottage. (2)

Beauty and the Beast (name withheld at author's request) The team spies on Ironhorse and Debi. (3)

Point Taken (by Teresa Hart) Ouch! sums this one up. (2)

Skater (by A.J. and C.J.) Paul is just full of surprises. (3)

Set Up, Part 4 (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) Harrison sets Paul up and the Omegans. (3)

A Sicky... Uh, Softy (by Laura Grigsby) Paul and Debi are recuperating. (2)

Set Up, Part 5 (by Teresa Hart and Ginette Yeeles) Mixing Harrison, Paul and blue towels can be dangerous. (3)

Briar Patch (by Smythe) A peek into Paul's past. (11)

The 12 Days Before Whitewood (by J.P. Cads) A takeoff. (4)

Dear Santa (by Debi) Her note to Santa. (1)

Santa's Little Helper (by Gillian Holt et al) A covert Christmas Eve mission at the Cottage. (5)

12th Night (by Jeanne O'Donnell) A non-humor adventure story. Harrison and Paul end up in the middle of an alien mission. (17)

Hack and Slash (by Llyr Chaves) Ironhorse overhears a meeting in the Coach House. (2)

Pointed Ears, Mad Scientists, and Old Friends (by Tammy L. Croft) Harrison, Paul, and Debi are at a Renn Fair. (6)

A Short Vignette on the Futility of Crossing WOW/Highlander (by Carol Keogh) Self-explanatory. (1)

Pistols at Ten Paces (by Gillian Holt) Harrison raids the supply truck and a war breaks out. (8)

Coyote Saves the World (by Debra Hicks) The title says it all! (5)

Sound of Slim (by Debra Hicks) A crossover with Danger Mouse. Harrison and Paul save the world, with a little help. (3)

Play it for Laughs (by Cheryl Benson) A crossover with a character from M.A.S.H. Colonel Flagg finds Norton and Paul and they, with the team, get Mancuso Jr. (10) Script format.

The Ghost of Frankie (by Anonymous) Paul stops by to see Harrison after the war. (3)

The Swangazer #1 and #2 (by Jan Harley) The National Enquirer of WOW. (16)

Hole in One (by Tony Beaves) The title speaks for itself. (1)

A Year Less a Day (by Laura Brush, Laura Grigsby and Gillian Holt) A non-humorous action story. Kitara returns and brings another Synth with her, but things get complicated as Keleah gains a soul. (35)

Plus filks by A.J., Karen and Donna Linn, and C.J. Ueberall. Top Ten Lists by Cheryl Benson. Art work by Anja Gruber and Lana G. Merkel. Cover by Anja Gruber.

200 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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