Mind Games

a War of the Worlds gen zine
Written by Gillian Holt

Part I: Mysteries – The Blackwood Project is tracking alien activity, but not having much luck trying to decipher what the invaders' next move will be. Meanwhile, Debi prepares for and attends her middle school prom, much to the enjoyment of everyone except the colonel.

Part II: Compliments of the Nighthawk – Harrison is indulging in a new passion, listening to the Nighthawk's talk show, when he hears a young man say he's been taken over by an alien. After talking to the boy, Harrison risks everything to meet Kevin alone. When Kevin loses control, Harrison is injured, and Ironhorse has to track him down.

Part III: An Exercise of Mind – Once Harrison is back home, the Project turns its attention to finding an explanation for Kevin's resistance. Norton finds Cedar Chen Ridge, a lady psychic, who has an answer and some suggestions for the team as well.

Part IV: Sorcerer's Apprentice – Following the leads from Kevin and Cedar, the Project travels to northern Arizona to stop the aliens from unearthing another warship. But when an alien takes over the body of an old native shaman, all bets are off.

Part V: On Campus Maneuvers – The Blackwood Project travels from northern Arizona to Tucson to retrieve the song box, running into the old shaman again. When Ironhorse falls into a kind of coma, Cedar sends Norton into the astral to bring the colonel back.

Art work by Priscilla Tweed.

142 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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