Yea Though I Walk

a War of the Worlds gen zine
Written by Gillian Holt

Part I: Thy Rod and Thy Staff – The aliens test a new biological weapon and Ironhorse becomes an unwitting guinea pig. As the disease progresses, Blackwood walls up his feelings behind his childhood fears. The result is an emotional tension between the colonel and Harrison that threatens the future of the Blackwood Project.

Part II: Sanity Maintenance – Desperate to put things back to normal, Ironhorse goes to a professional counselor for help. Her solution? A trip down the Colorado river, giving the Project members time to relax, talk, and face their fears. Harrison comes around, but not before one more incident tests his resolve.

Part III: Thin Ice – Things finally get back to normal with the Blackwood Project, but when Paul and Harrison are trapped in a mountain cabin by aliens that peace is put to the test.

Art work by Anja Gruber.

120 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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