To Ride the River With #2

To Love Again (by Leigh and Gail) Alex is seriously injured in a car accident. Can Walker's love pull her through? (26)

He's Always Like This (by Alison Wilson) All Jimmy really wants is a shower. Is that too much to ask? (2)

My Partner's Keeper (by Gail) Walker and Trivette are ambushed late at night. When one of the partners is cornered and down to his last bullet he knows he has to make it count. (20)

Random Encounter (by Londa Pfeffer) One of Trivette's former narcotics busts vows revenge after seeing the Ranger again. (16)

Code of Honor (by Peggy Hartsook) A bust goes wrong, leaving Walker and Trivette injured and Alex and CD searching for answers to clear their friends after the Rangers are implicated in deliberately tipping off the suspects. (19)

Duet in D Minor (by Alison Wilson) A stakeout gone wrong almost costs Walker his life but his partner arrives in time. (5)

Scenes We Didn't See (by Peggy Hartsook, Londa Pfeffer and Alison Wilson) A set of six missing scenes from a variety of episodes. (33)

The Lucky Ones (by Gail) Walker's endurance is tested after Trivette is injured miles from any assistance. Can he keep his partner alive long enough for help to arrive? (7)

Crisis (by Pam Gooderham) A tragic series of events makes Walker consider giving up the Rangers. He heads into the Badlands to try to come to a decision, with Alex and Jimmy not far behind. However, trouble always seems to find Walker, and this time proves no exception. (50)

Poetry by Carman, Clarence, and Pfeffer. And an updated episode guide (Seasons 4-6). Color cover by H. Ann Walton. Back cover provided by Ina Tauer and Jeanette Hoffman.

200 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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