To Ride the River With #3

A Small Piece of Hell (Pam Gooderham) Alex questions whether she will ever have all of Walker's heart or whether she'll be forced forever to share him with his dead love, Ellen. (21)

Time To Talk (Leigh Williams) Trivette shares the tale of his first partner with Walker during a quiet evening watch. (5)

A Matter of Timing (Londa Pfeffer) An off-hand remark by Walker gets an unexpected reaction from his partner. (6)

Under Fire (Leigh and Londa) Trivette's life is thrown into chaos when he is accused of raping a mentally challenged young woman. (68)

The Things That Matter (Gail R.) When an old family friend turns up in Dallas, Trivette looks for the answers to long-asked questions about his father, but discovers the visitor has an agenda of his own. (23)

In Fond Remembrance (Londa Pfeffer) A missing scene from "Forgotten People." Jimmy and C.D. tell about how they first met. (10)

Sudden Impact (Gail, Leigh & Londa) A missing scene from the movie "Sons of Thunder." Our favorite EMT, Maisie, responds to a call on an officer down. (13)

A Small Part of Agony (Pam Gooderham) A missing scene from "The Wedding, Part 2." The hospital staff is slowly growing accustomed to the late-night visitor to ICU. (2)

Being There (Londa Pfeffer) A missing scene from "The Wedding, Part 2." While Alex's life hangs in the balance, Trivette accompanies Walker in the determined search for Karl Storm, the man responsible. (10)

Chain of Evidence (Londa Pfeffer) A missing scene from "" gives insight into what was going through Trivette's mind when he learned of Kristin's disappearance. (5)

Broken Journey (Melissa Greathouse) When Walker withdraws from Alex after she recovers from the shooting in "The Wedding," she builds a new life. But can she really turn her back on the man she's loved so long? (12)

Pieces of the Puzzle (Londa Pfeffer) Newly appointed Ranger Trivette is sure he knows his partner from somewhere. If only he could remember where... (6)

Plus poems from Leigh and Londa. Color cover by H. Ann Walton.

186 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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