To Ride the River With #4

The Birth (by Dakota) With a new member of the family due to make an appearance, Walker and Alex spend an eventful day getting ready, and reminiscing. (34)

Long Enough (by H.A. Carman) Something is troubling Walker. How far will he let it go before he accepts help from his friends? (6)

A Past Hurt (by Lynn Bango) Alex is acting out of sorts lately. Can Walker get her to share the problem? (8)

Green Eggs & Chili (by Shel) A relative of Walker's comes for a visit. We're given a glimpse of the all-too-brief lives of his parents as seen through this man's eyes. (24)

Touched by A Ranger (by I.M. Disgruntled) A tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek look at our favorite hero! (5)

When It Hits Home (by Pam G.) In the aftermath of the events of "No Way Out", Walker realizes how close he came to losing two of the most important people in his life. (6)

The Journey Back (by Leigh Williams) A missing scene and epilogue to "The Road to Black Bayou", as Walker and Trivette deal with the potential aftermath to a loss of trust. (5)

Warming Up (by Londa Pfeffer) This vignette also follows the events of "No Way Out". Walker, Alex and Trivette try to restore some of the normalcy to their relationships in the fallout of Hooks' attack. (6)

Untitled Fragment .(by Alison Wilson) Something's got Trivette troubled. This is a challenge for you the reader to see if you can explain why. (3)

Thunder & Roses (by Kathleen A. Klatte) A crossover with JAG and Sons of Thunder. Trent and Carlos are protecting a woman who's being stalked and threatened. Because the suspect is a Marine Corporal, Mac and Harm are sent to Dallas to assist in resolving the situation. (9)

What If It Was Only a Dream? (by Shel) Alex is haunted by nightmares so tangible, she wonders which is reality and which is the dream. (25)

The Misunderstanding (by Pam G.) While he and Walker are protecting a witness, Trivette is forced to make a terrible decision. Can the partnership survive the fallout? (40)

180 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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